COART infrastructure and all subsystems will be accessible via open source RESTful APIs for further integrations into community created distributed applications and third party services.

COART payment platform subsystem (COART-PAY) will be integrated on protocol level into COART, opening the possibilities of the system to buy art assets to all users, shares in them (security ART-ASSET tokens), the rights to use visual images of art assets, and also buy additional services inside COART ecosystem, using any fiat and cryptocurrencies legally. A “black box” solution issuing currency and asset based stable coins to provide easy entry for Art market participants.

COART asset tokenization subsystem (COART-TOK) will be integrated on protocol level into COART. For tokenization, management of assets and services will be used security ART-ASSET tokens, that are convertible and interchangeable directly through their smart contracts and internal exchange protocol based on Bancor software (Apache v2.0 licence). The Bancor software will enable automatic price determination and an autonomous liquidity mechanism for security ART-ASSET tokens, that add COART-TOK liquidity necessary for atomic swaps.

COART distributed storage subsystem (COART-STR) capable of storing and securing access to digital originals of fine and digital art assets, made available to art experts used as a base for asset tokenization and object identification, including 3D scan vault that will be created to secure the digital original copies of art assets.

COART provenance ledger subsystem (COART-DLT) an open brochure-catalog containing information about all the art assets passing through COART ecosystem, eliminating the possibility of their subsequent forgery or double sale, providing transparency of transaction and ownership.

COART distributed expertise subsystem (COART-AI) is Artificial Intelligence enabled trust protocol layer utilizing state of the art machine learning models and deep neural networks helping decentralized community of art experts to provide a new level of art expertise.

COART non-profit organization (NPO) is designed to create a blockchain archive of the cultural heritage of mankind. We will create digital originals, the “casts”, of the masterpieces (3D scan, chemical and physical expertise, historical research, etc) and upload them to COART distributed storage (COART-STR) as a base for identifying art assets by a decentralized community of experts using both “casts” and the results of processing large volumes of data obtained by using COART-AI.

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